Ningbo Sanjiakou City Center Competition

Key data:

  • Full Name: Ningbo Sanjiakou City Center and Waterfront Competition
  • Location: Ningbo, China
  • Date: November, 2012
  • Type: Master Plan, Urban development, Waterfront
  • my Participation: Parts of the Design, 3d modeling main Renderings and Render team coordination, i was also Designing the Furniture Family, Pavillions, Covered Walkways etc…
  • Stage: Competition, WON!!
  • Employed at Atelier Dreiseitl
  • Client: Ningbo Government
  • Used Software: CAD, Rhino3d Grasshopper3d, 3ds Max +VRay, Photoshop;
ningbo city center waterfront

ningbo city center waterfront

Competitions are always tough, especially in China. This one was a particular nasty one. But with a very solid master plan produced by our german team plus me and my render team at Atelier Dreiseitl we did it!  Again!!

Water front City Stage:

Water front City Stage

Ningbo Furniture study:
I knew when starting with the furniture design it needed to be modern but with a local touch and a classic southern Chinese architecture style twist. I used especially traditional window pattern styles reused as canopy, wall and furniture structures.

Covered walkway Covered walkway2 Covered walkwaysection curved pattern wall_front_small experimental wall pavillion3small


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