Final Rendering

Another Planet – Competition Entry

I order to keep my mind fresh and to build up some new skills I entered Blenderguru’s February 2015 CGI competition “Another Planet”. The Participation really boosted my understanding for several aspects of 3D Art: Physical simulations character modeling and rigging, volumetric rendering and particle systems. The result is not yet perfect but i m getting there. wish me luck for the competition…

    • Name: “In the Zone”
    • Date: 4/7/2015
    • Type: CGI
    • Competition Entry for Blenderguru CGI Competition
    • Used Software: Blender, Photoshop (just for color correction and vignetting)
inthe zoneclayjpg

Clay Model Rendering without Atmosphere and Water


I started with several spheres different in radius for the planet, water, atmosphere, and cloud Layer.
I used Mesh sculpting with the multi-resolution modifier to model the land parts and for the wavy water surface i generated a displacement map with the ocean modifier.

For the Stones i wanted to do a modeling and material study. Basically it turned out to be a combination of multi-resolution modifier, sculpting, displacement maps and texture. The rocks looked better in the study than in the final rendering because of the different lighting setup. definitely a thing i will pay more attention to next time.
I also used the new pointiness Geometry Attribute –  this is really cool stuff….


Stones and Rock Material Study


Rock study closeup


The rocks were than distributed as group via particle system and weight painting onto the  planets surface. I still didn’t fully understand the orientation options in the particle System rack, i think that is definitely a part where the software need to be corrected and improved. For logic the objects z orientation should be placed along the surface normal direction – currently it’s the objects Y axis.  Any proper workaround, without rotating the object from z to y?

I used a similar procedure for the Palm trees.

Atmosphere and Clouds

Since i wanted to use a real approach for the Atmosphere i created a Sphere with a Volume Material Shader with a Sherical fall off map for the density. It didn’t really worked out that well and the biggest back draw was an extreme long render time.
20 hours. Without i think the render would have been finished within 1.2 hours.
Definitely an Area where in need to improve.


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