Hi Everybody!

It’s me, Philipp. I’m a professional landscape designer, autodidact CGI Artist and musician.

This blog is my personal online Archive of professional and personal work I create and participate.
Therefore this page has no commercial intention except for further collaborations in future projects.

I want to post just photos and graphics created by myself with my help or under my observation following my ideas and/or direction. Some of the material was produced for companies and project presentations.In that case although created by myself the ownership is less clear. Those specific Posts will include a link to the owners website.
If an owner does not agree with renderings posted on my website the post will be deleted as soon after clarification with the owner.
Everything else posted on my website except comments are, if not other pointed out, my property. I will take full responsibility for all content in my web blog www.nedomlel.com excluding comments and material from others content of links outside this blog.